Some think Estate Plans are all about death. They're not.

Updated: May 30

Some people think estate plans are all about death, but they're about so much more than that. If you create an estate plan correctly, it can help you live a better life!

For example, a "Durable Power of Attorney" is included in many estate planning packages. It can give a person you trust the power to act on your behalf when you're out of town, or if you're too busy. It can also help make sure that the trusted person can make important decisions on your behalf if you're unable to do so for more serious reasons. With the help of a lawyer, you can tailor your Power of Attorney to give more or less power to that trusted individual, and you can determine when that power can begin.

A “Medical Power of Attorney” gives a trusted person the authority to make medical decisions for you if you’re unable to make them for yourself.

A “Living Will” or a “Physician’s Directive” can help let doctors know your choice on important medical decisions.

A “HIPAA Release” helps make sure that people you trust can have access to your important medical information if needed.

Even though a Will specifies how you want your property distributed after you pass away, an entire estate plan helps to ensure that you can enjoy your life knowing that the important decisions have already been made.

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