The benefits of online mediation

When it comes to resolving disputes, you don't always have to go to the courthouse. Much of the legal field is moving towards "Alternative Dispute Resolution" or ADR.

ADR offers faster and often less-expensive ways to resolve conflicts than going to trial. It can also provide you with some remedies that you might not be able to get in a court of law. Some of those unique remedies could include seeing a child a certain days if you're co-parenting, or receiving a settlement of an item with high sentimental value. ADR offers you more control of how you would like to settle your dispute.

Mediation is one form of ADR.

In a mediation, the mediator serves as a "third-party neutral." That neutral person listens to the two parties that are having the issue, asks questions, and helps the parties come to an agreement that they can both live with.

The agreement is memorialized in a "Mediated Settlement Agreement." After the mediation, the parties are to adhere to the mediated settlement agreement.

In the age of technology, there are more ways to mediate than ever. You can mediate using online platforms like Zoom to help save time and commuting costs. To schedule an online mediation today, click here.

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